Frs-24 Electronic Capsule Tablet Counting And Filling Machine

Frs-24 Electronic Capsule Tablet Counting And Filling Machine

FRS-24 capsule counting machine is used for all kinds of tablets(including abnormal tablets),capsules, gels(including abnormal gels, transparent gels and opaque gels),pills and most solid granules.

Product Details

Production application

Used for tablets (including abnormal tablets), capsules, gels (including abnormal gels, transparent gels and opaque gels) pills and most solid granules.

Main features

With touch screen ,easy to operate

Avoid the materials jam

Hopper mouth of the special structure, to prevent the materials jam, small mouth bottle can quickly bottling

Protect materials from harm

Feeding evenly with quiver, special patent filling part, no breakage of the material.

Detection and sorting function

No bottle will not count and fill. Automatically remove bottles of filling abnormalities and broken tablets. 

Self-diagnose errors and stop working to make alarm at errors.


Using our own original high anti-dust sensor technology, the machine works 

accurately with good stability in heavy dust conditions.

Detailed imagines

granule sizemm00-5# capsules, soft gels, ф5.5-20 normal tablets,special shape tablets, coating tablets,ф3-20 pills
4Vacuum pumpMpa0.6
5Filling rangepcs/time0-59999
6Oversize of machineMm1760*1350*1650
7Weight of machineKg450

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