full auto capsule filling machine maintenance and instruction manual

- Nov 23, 2019-

NJP-800C series of fully automatic hard capsule filling machine are a new generation machine, featuring human-machine interface, PLC, sound sealing, variable-frequency stepless speed adjustment, easy operation, high ratio of capsule mount, precise dosage, low energy consumption, high yield, product standardization and serialization. The main technical parameters lead the trade in China. With different specifications of mould, No. 00 to No. 5 hard capsules and safety capsules A, B, C, D, E can be filled. Both slow-released pellets fill and mixed fill with powder and pellets can be realized.

2. Technical Performance

2.1 Dimensions: 930´790 ´ 1930 mm (refer to Fig. 1)

2.2 Weight:  800 kg

2.3 Power Supply: 380V, 50 Hz, three phases/four wires

2.4 Total Power Require: 5.05KW

2.5 Water supply: adopting liquid ring vacuum pump and recycled water tank,

 Exterior water supply may also be used. Vacuum: -0.02~-0.06 MPa

 Flow rate: 250 L/h

 Water pressure: 0.0012~0.0015 MPa

 Inner diameter of incoming pipe: 15 mm

 Inner diameter of drainpipe: 20 mm

2.6 Environment requirement:  temperature: 21°C ± 3 °C

    Relative humidity: 40~55%

2.7 Air supply requirement: industrial suction machine with 160 m3/h exhaust capacity is needed to collect defect capsule and residual medicine powder.


In order to make your work environment better, we recommend that your suction machine and recycled water tank should be installed in a work-isolated room.

3. Installation and Power Connection

The machine shall be installed on level ground of adequate bearing capacity. Should the machine be installed upstairs, the bearing ability of the floor shall not be lower than 800 kg/m2. Rubber cushion shall be installed to resist shock. The bench of the machine shall be adjusted to horizontal level with level instrument.

Further check: manually rotate the machine for some rotations and lubricate every part in accordance with relevant stipulation.

To prevent contamination, carefully clean all parts that directly contact the medicine with alcohol.

Do not turn on the power switch unless you make sure the voltage and frequency are suitable for this machine. Since frequency converter controls motor of machine, the Revolving Platform is always rotating clockwise. Check whether the rotational direction of dust collector is identical to the mark, if the direction is wrong, exchange the two wires of power supply. The vacuum pump, dust collector and mix motor are identical in the inner line.