Labeling machine application

- Jan 10, 2018-

Uses: to achieve automatic paste on the label, the product on the surface, the automatic labeling function;

Role: to improve product labeling efficiency of the attachment, the attachment position is accurate, good quality, high stability; avoid artificial labeling inefficient, attached to the skew, gluing uneven thickness and a series of problems such as wrinkles, effectively reduce the paste Waste, reduce the human cost of labeling, improve the aesthetic appearance of product identification, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products.

Scope: Suitable for any industry including bottled, bagged, plastic and other materials of the package:

Applicable labels: paper labels (to be paste);

Applicable products: products requiring the paste on the circumference of the label;

Applications: Widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, wine and other industries;

Application examples: Gun paste paste labeling, beer paste labeling, paste on the bottle of pesticides