Capsule Filling Machine

- Jan 10, 2018-

Capsule filling machine Filling speed, size difference is small, the machine will be loaded powder capsule shell finishing, capsule caps finishing, capsule suit together, compact and convenient. Suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceuticals, health care products factory, hospital, clinic small and medium-sized production, such as 2-3 sets of simultaneous use, but also suitable for mass production. With capsule arrangement, locking function, reducing the body and area, with beautiful and compact, meet the health requirements, simple operation, easy maintenance, low power consumption, economical and practical advantages; only one or two operations, No special training of staff; Capsule arrangement speed, uniform drug loading, product qualification rate; Need to replace the use of different types of capsules, just replace the appropriate model of the capsule filling plate; The most suitable health care products factory, a small pharmaceutical factory , Pharmaceutical research units, hospital preparation rooms, specialist clinics, pharmacies, nourishing health care products stores and other units for filling capsules.