Capsule Filling Machine Common Faults And Maintenance

- Jan 10, 2018-

1, the vibration is not ideal, adjust the voltage.

2, reed screw loose, tighten the screw.

3, the capsule shell row in the workbench, the mouth is higher or lower, adjust the level of the plate and the guide rail.

4, the capsule shell down too much (more than 3%), improper adjustment of the vibrator, due to regulate the voltage or capsule shell size does not meet the specifications, the selection of qualified capsule shell.

5, capsule shell card can not fall on the table, replace the capsule shell or adjust the position of the plate and the platen hole.

6, the mold can not be reset in the track, guide rail back pressure spring stuck or capsule variant stuck. Re-install the spring or plunger, the other push the stick will push the capsule.

7, the mold guide plate wear, affecting the rate of the capsule is low, replace the new mold or loose positioning on both sides, fastening the positioning nails, capsule variant or damp, replace the capsule shell.