Packer By Usage Classification

- Jan 10, 2018-

1. Manual baler: manual operation required to complete the entire process, under normal circumstances: electric hot melt, iron buckle clamped way.

2. Semi-automatic strapping machine: need to manually insert the strapping, the machine will automatically complete the belt, bonding, cutting, a belt packing process. Relatively low efficiency due to the manual operation of each product.

3.Automatic strapping machine: Without manual insertion, the triggering method can be divided into manual, continuous, ball switch and foot switch, which can be packaged automatically and conveniently by pressing the switch.

4. Automatic unmanned baler: without manual insertion, just set to: automatically complete the tape, glue, cut off, out with the entire process, according to demand, can be ordered 1-5 bundles, Speed: 2.0 seconds / lane.