Bath Bomb Press Machine Supplies

Applying:FRS-100 100T pressure bath bomb machine is our factory newly developed automatic tablet press machine, which can compress granular, powder-like material into a variety of general and special-shaped pieces. It is suitable for large-scale repression of products which require high-density

Product Details



FRS-300 Bath Bomb Ball Press Machine can press different kind size and shape product use the different kind power,such bath bomb, Ceramic brake disc,tablet,animal salt licky block,etc


This bath bomb machine,The machine pressure can reach 300T,this machine can reach multi-cavity mould pressing, keep the same pressure, greatly improve production efficiency. Electric control system adopts computer system control PLC control,touch screen operation, time can be adjusted in the processing, which can realize automatic and manual two kinds of works. Mainly consists of mainframe and control structure of two parts through the main line and electrical device connected.

The machine cover is stainless steel,no rust for long time use.

Press times can be adjusted in the touch screen.

With acrylic cover to protect the worker

Can press mulity-color bath bomb if adding the more feeders

Adopt the Taiwan imported hydraulic system make sure the machine can work stable and has long work life.



Down mold diameter:Max 250mm

Filling depth:Max 250mm

Max press diameter:250mm

Capacity:3-5 times/min

Motor Power:11KW


Hydraulic Oil:46#

Machine weight:5500kg






With the user's needs continue to improve the hydraulic press machine design, accumulated experience, to achieve perfect custom.

Ultra quiet:

Pressure system to optimize the upgrade, and finally close to perfect, remove your worries.
Do not leak oil:

Precision mechanical combination, the perfect overall cooperation.

Super performance:

Compared to the product salt bath bomb press machine itself, super low price, high cost.
Super solid:

Fine materials, patiently repeated processing, fully craft support to ensure the strength of the powder forming press machine structure
Ultra High Pressure:

The salt bath bomb press machine pressure output is stable and the stamina is sufficient.